I mis-read the flight time on my e-ticket when I was in Labuan en route to Kuala Lumpur a few weeks ago. And the cost is I missed my flight. There will be no more flights from that airline that day since the one I was supposed to fly on was the last. The next available flight will be the next morning which I found out had only three Business Class seats. I needed to go back to Kuala Lumpur and be in my office the next day to settle my work before the upcoming Raya holidays.

My alternative is AirAsia. There is a flight at 8.50 pm that night and I waited earnestly for the sales office at Labuan Airport to be opened only to find out that it will not be opened. I did lose my appetite to break my fast after missing the flight and thinking I might be stranded here in Labuan for another day. I found out that if I upgrade my Economy class ticket on that other airline to Business Class I will have to pay RM 430 inclusive of non appearance fee. Then only I thought of checking with AirAsia first. I might get a much cheaper fare.

After enquiring at the airport information centre I was told that the counter will open at 6.45. So I waited. In the meantime I had become restless and most of the time looking at the now still closed Sales counter.

The check-in counter has already been open and I became more restless. Then suddenly a man came out from the Sales office and I approached to ask him when the Sales Office will be opened. He told me that it will not be opened. OMG!!. I asked further how can I buy a seat back to Kuala Lumpur and he gave me a positive answer that I am waiting for. I can buy at the check in counter. Gosh!! Now my worry is about the price. I knew buying the ticket at the last minute will not be cheap anymore.

The man (I did not remember to check his name) was very helpful. Checking the computer terminal then he told me that the price will be RM 421. To me its still cheaper than upgrading to Business Class. If I were to upgrade I would have to sleep for another night in Labuan and it will cost me at least another RM100 and I will only be able to fly home the next day and miss my office and my work for another day.

I agree to buy the seat.

After that I ponder what if I am in a foreign land and the only choice is a full-serviced airline with the next flight a few days later. How difficult life will be. At least here in Labuan I still have friends to depend on. For my silly mistake misreading my flight time, AirAsia came to my rescue.


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