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23 December 2010

AirAsia Philippines Patriots Christmas Giveaway!

AirAsia Social Media team

By AirAsia Social Media team

CHRISTMAS is 2 days away and guess what, AirAsia Philippine Patriots want to celebrate this wonderful festive season by giving YOU (yes, you!) special Christmas gifts! Exclusive for our AirAsia Philippines Facebook fans!

The special Christmas gifts are signed by the AirAsia Philippine Patriots!

How to receive this Christmas gifts?

Very simple! Just share with us, what is your Christmas wish for AirAsia Philippine Patriots and send it to facebook@airasia.com (send in your wishes in no later than 25th Dec 2010!!)

7 top most creative wishes will receive the special gifts: 2 exclusive signed posters and 5 exclusive signed mini basketballs!

Are you excited? Write away your wish to facebook@airasia.com now!

Share this jolly good news with your friends~!

AirAsia Social Media Team