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  • Hussin

    Dear Tony,

    Never mind the nasty brickbats , Air Asia has done Malaysia and the rakyat proud. Notice I said Malaysia and the rakyat, because whatever happens please remember that the Rakyat has supported AirAsia and deserves to be well informed and know that the rakyat’s money is not wasted by an underutilised KLIA.
    Can’t there be a compromise with MAHB? If not, could there be a solution to locate KLIA East closer to the present KLIA and if a new runway must be built, it should be located VERY close to the present KLIA (appearing as an additional runway to the existing runways and controlled by only one ATC center) so that pilots can ensure the safety of their passengers when landing or taking off? This way KLIA East will truly be interpreted as part of the Kuala Lumpur Hub. Spare us the shame of embarassment from our close neighbours who see the AirAsia-MAHB disagreements as a sign of Malaysian weakness.

    best regards and goodluck!

    Hussin Md. Zin

  • Siong Iing

    Very impressive for the KLIA-EAST project. I always think that going to KLIA/LCCT is really really far, it took at least 1.5 hours for me to send or fetch someone from the airport. Recently it is even worst, have been driving all the long way up to airport and yet it was traffic jam in the terminal itself? Well, what can i say?
    I was wondering will Airasia Boss see this kind of situation or not. And i know in the next few years, if the problem still exist i will rather take MAS Airline.

    Anyway, good move!

  • Morgan

    dear Air asia
    great news ! you really need your own terminal but…..
    klia east??? really??
    i was hoping that a smart thinking innovative company such as yourselves would actually fight for the clients comfort and convienence in not making us drive 1 hour out of kl to catch a flight that most times is less than an hour long.
    maybe i dont know what i’m talking about, maybe the malaysian government wont let you do it, or maybe you already fought for it but got denied.
    but i was really hoping that airasia would take over subang airport and kick malaysian airlines’s butt.
    but hey….. hope is free

  • With the existing facilities available at KLIA and plans for its future development there is no requirement for anther terminal building. It would seem to be a waste of funds t
    and would negate the government’s efforts to turn KLIA into a premier hub in the region. Air Asia should make efforts to work with MAB to develop a new terminal building within the confines of the KLIA blueprint as this would be more convenient for passenger connectivity and ease of travel. It would be very inconvenient to travel from Labu to KLIA to connect on to other flights.

  • Tan

    As long as AirAsia’s very own terminal is well connected and easily acccesible, I see no reason why AirAsia can’t realise its dreams. I wonder what the hoo haa is all about in the press recently. Perhaps those who opposed were green with envy?? I look forward to using the new terminal three years from now..Congrats AirAsia team

  • Loh

    I am not too sure that this is a good idea. I am no economist but as an ordinary traveler I already find it expensive and inconvenient to go to the present LCCT to board a plane.The parking charges are also exorbitant to say the least. The only thing I find ‘cheap’ will be the ticket prices.
    If the LCCT is moved to Labu can AirAsia assure the rakyat that it will also be ‘low cost’ getting there.

  • Chee Seng

    The news on Airasia owning KLIA East airport was a direct hit and wake up call for MAB. Being a regular LCCT passenger, I am very upset with the current facilities at LCCT.

    Firstly, the check in lines. On peak season I get lost in the queue system, with zigzag and branching lines. Obviously MAB fail to anticipate such situation when building the airport. No security guards directing the crowd add up more heat amount travelers.

    Finding a place to sit at the main lobby was history. It seen that all the public chairs were removed and stack up at the domestic arrival hall. A pleasant site for Art lovers? or storeroom cum arrival hall. Spoiling the Tune’s hotel sample room image.

    LCCT, means low cost but look at the price of meal at the local restaurant. A common tag line, 5 stars experience with 1 star price but for F&B is other wised. MAB monopoly on awarding system for F&B business at LCCT. To my understanding the owner of the local restaurant owns a hand full of other restaurant at KLIA too.

    Parking fee another sad story, a day trip traveler will have to pay parking fees equal to his or her domestic ticket price. Last August MAB opened another parking area opposite the Pos Malaysia office, first impression was, finally MAB understand budget travelers pocket, a flat fee of RM X (Single digit) per day. However a crook will always remain a crook, within a month the price shoot up on par to my domestic ticket again. Forcing illegal parking around the airport.

    The latest incident on fire at LCCT was a final call for all travelers to voice their concern on our rights to safety, fair price and freedom of choice. However I hope Airasia will deliver their commitment to reduce airport tax on KLIA East. Providing Airasia customers 5 star experience with 1 star price at KLIA East. Bravo to Tony

  • Yew Gee

    We appreciate your farsightedness in proposing the new airport and most probably with enhanced facilities then those provided at the LCCT. Low Cost must not mean we have to cramped like sardines; we are air travellers, so certain degree of comfortness should be the norm. I just don’t understand why there is double standard of not allowing Air Asia to use the SAAS in Subang.

    Keep it up your good work for the betterment of the “Rakyat”.

  • May Chee

    I must firstly thank air asia for increasing the number of air travellers in and out of Malaysia hence promoting tourism.

    And shame on MAHB for not maintaining or upgrading the airport so that it is at least more comfortable and efficient. Even HCMC Vietnam airport for budget and non-budget airlines looks nicer and friendlier!

    Some drawbacks of the KLIA east is that we have to travel abt 1 hour and pay RM60 one way to go to the airport. Hence total travel cost is doubled. At least allow for daily parking rates of RM2 (like Poslaju until a couple of months ago).

    I’d love for you to use the Subang airport however it is a bummer for those with international flight transits.

    So my suggestion is that to expand your bus shuttle services instead of just KL Sentral, have some in 1 Utama, Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Kinrara Giant, hotels and other shopping centres or terminals. I am sure these shopping hubs or hotels would love that you bring in patrons to their complexes.

    Have more comfortable eating/waiting places with free wifi, where we can at least do some work or watch a movie (for those with no ipod)


  • Saruni

    It is a good move but I believe there were other alternative which may be possible to consider. I am nor a bussinessman or a politician and weather it is positive or otherwise is subject to persons concern. One alternative I see is rather than building a new Airport which enhance the different between MASB and Air Asia it is better if the Subang Airport can be used as an alternative. In this move many matters can be in a better condition. Subang will again become alive and did not change from what purpose originally the place is.Thus it will not waste the peoples money. The distance is within the city area where the transportation cost is acceptable. Traffic jam is there with or without Air Asia operating in Subang.

    Air Asia and MAHB can giscuss other matters such as the facilities and the operation. If Sime Darby can proposed the take over of IJN and building of KLIA-east they can also proposed to renovate and own Subang Airport and then hand it over to Air Asia. It is not a small matter but with the willingness and sincerity of parties involve to give and take and to make it happened is not impossible. All parties are Malaysian companies and this development is for the benefit of both the compaies and also for the rakyat. Nevertheless since this has been agreed by Sime Darby and Air Asia I wish to both company congratulation and may this be a successful plan.

  • Edmund Tze Kan

    1) using the existing KLIA underuterlised facilities is a good idea, so long MAHB give AA a fair leverage ground to operate.
    2) this can be a sign to show Brothers in Arms! why not turn this occasion into a fruitful partnership.
    3) however, if the above is not feasible, having AA own terminal and full control would be the better option.
    4) our concern would be the usual ‘low cost’ and conveniences such as transfer connectivity-ground and flights, FB outlets… all should be highly considered for the RAKYAT!
    5) having low cost does not mean travelers should enjoy diminish services.

  • Hemerjit


    My opinion AirAsia should have their own low cost terminal. Period!

    Even if in Labu its ok as long you can make travelling to there from KL/Seremban/Melaka easier like for instance frequent trains/shuttle buses.

    Travelling there or using the parking facility should be cheap because as you said you need to expand to accomodate millions of passenger so make the fare dirt cheap so you earn by the quantity of passengers boarding public transport or parking lots. Don’t try to make fast buck here.

    Being a low-cost carrier means you also need to think how your passengers could spend less and conveniently come to your terminal to use the facility!

  • Chai Tian

    Instead to spend unwise resources to destroy land and nature in Labu.

    Air-Asia should drive the takeover bid to control Malaysia Airport Holdings. Based on current market price, your price tag is below RM2.0b use can owned 23airports in Malaysia.

    Stupid decision is to create three airport for KLIA, LCCT and LABU within 25km vicinity.

    Indeed, AirAsia should develop an airport for Northern Hub in Penang Main Land, to serve 4 Northern States under NCER.

  • Hooiluan

    Why not use Subang?
    Why not use KLIA?

    I totally disagree with dumping money for yet another new airport, when the existing two are so under-utilised.

    If Fernandez is so great as to be able to create a budget airline when MAS was exerting all kinds of pressure, surely he is smart enough to save us from dumping money on yet another new airport.

    Use the money saved to open more direct routes from Penang perhaps.

    Building yet another new airport is either a stupid and/or political move. (yes stupidity and politics often go hand-in-hand).

    I am a fan of budget airlines, and so I don’t want politics to meddle with economics, because it only creates inefficiency and rakyat are the ones who suffer from the consequences.

  • Mohd Taib

    This idea of building a new terminal can only come from people with hidden agendas. Just because Sime Darby failed in Nilai does not mean Air Asia must follow suit. Sime Darby has tried many things lately and with people power we have put a stop to it. The proposed new terminal at KLIA will suit Air Asia just fine. Forget Nilai, forget anywhere else. We are quite happy with the present terminal if you can put your operating system properly.

  • Surendhar

    Greeting from Permai Asia!

    First of all I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Tony Fernandez for creating the opportunity for small business entrepreneurs to build their business network internationally. We entrepreneurs use to spend most of our income for traveling but now we have saved almost 40% of our travel expenses. We are comfortable with the service provided by AIR ASIA. And we will be grateful if AIR ASIA could provide us with more facilities due to the increase of their customer and service. Many of lower income people should realize that without this kind of service we couldn’t have traveled so far away from this country to deal business or earn more income or save money. We get to go vacation frequently. We should thank AIR ASIA for this.

    Air Asia should have their own place to operate since they are expanding. If anyone wants to stop this project that means they have personal interest in this or supporting other service providers who is already shrunken by this low cost rates.

    I would say that KLIA EAST is tremendously a super idea for AIR ASIA

  • Redzuan


    Do your best for the interest of shareholders and customers. Please don’t mix up your business with all this political issue.

    I hope this move will benefit us and maybe this KLIA-East will have it own rail link for our convenience.

  • Sharath

    At the end of the day, AirAsia has to do what is best for AirAsia. The thing is, what is best for AirAsia, will translate to what is best for its passengers.
    Since you are the experts in this field, and you say you need a new airport, we should take it at face value that in the end this will benefit us as well.
    I am a frequent AirAsia user, I know the problems faced at the current LCCT and I know how hard your staff work to keep things orderly. I hope this works out for you, and for us as well. Keep up the good work.

  • Liew

    Saya mengucapkan syabas kepada Airasia kerana dapat mendirikan terminal lapangan terbang
    sendiri. Saya hairan mengapa tak boleh guna bersama dengan Terminal yang sedia ada? Mengapa pula ada LCCT???
    Kalau begitu, saya sokong KLIA-EAST projek .

    Sekali lagi, SYABAS.

  • Mohd Taslim Bin

    Go 4 it A.S.A.P.start the project now.

  • Kung Yung

    Hi Tony…

    Great job on bringing Air Asia to where it is today.

    With regards to your plan on KLIA EAST, I fully understand where you are coming from. I was formerly based in Doha, Qatar for the ground handling agent there, and I know very well what it’s like to operate an airline at an airport that is too cramp and crowded, with totally insufficient aircraft stands. Like Air Asia, QR was also expanding like crazy, and new aircraft were being delivered every month. The airport got so packed, that flights literally had to be diverted due to lack of stands. The terminal building was like a sardine can, with bodies littered all over. Having handled many passengers there, their experience can only be summarized in one word: TRAUMATIZING. In the end, the passengers suffered, the airlines suffered, the country’s reputation suffered.

    To those who oppose KLIA EAST, one question: WHAT IS MAHB’S EXPANSION PLAN?? We’ve all seen KLIA’s glorified master plan. If it is not able to cater for Air Asia’s short to medium term growth, the answer is very clear then.

    Go ahead and build your sandbox. I’m sure you are already aware – DON’T WAIT TOO LONG! Otherwise your valued customers and your operation will suffer longer.

  • Hussin

    Hi Kung Yung,

    I fully support AirAsia’s plan to prepare for its expansion and to cater for its passengers’ comfort and convenience (???). But the issue is not this, its just that the parties AirAsia-MAHB have not come to terms and fully explored all avenues to reach a win-win solution, i.e. win-win for both parties, win-win for the Malaysian taxpayer whose funds have been expended on the existing KLIA and win-win for the National Airports Master Plan which if ignored could negate all previous efforts and cause chaos and embarassment to Malaysians as what is there to stop more privately funded iniatives sprouting private airports all over the country causing a strain on air traffic management and posing a threat to passenger safety?

    I really hope common sense will prevail and that the parties sit down and resolve this like gentlemen with the government which is responsible for licensing and tariffs/fees (I don’t really appreciate the Transport Minister’s statement that tantamounts to saying he is washing his hands off this as PFI is not under his purview.)

    As for your question “WHAT IS MAHB’S EXPANSION PLAN” ,I urge everyone to please check out their website before making judgements on either side.

    I am still a fan of Dato Seri Tony and wish him more success but in the context of ‘patriotisme’ as well.

    Hussin Md. Zin

  • Hui Mei

    In my opinion, either way KLIA or KLIA EAST is fine, I think it doesnt’t matter where is airport location, the most concern matter for us as a travel passenger would be the convenience, distance and time buy in to reach the airport terminal. Looking at longer term, if KLIA EAST does not provide a convenient and traffic friendly place for us to travel to the airport, it will definitely create more hassle than KLIA. I assume that Air Asia will grow so much in the future that people might be taking flights everyday,if the place is far yet not convenient to reach that incurred a lot of transportation cost, and if there is an alternative from MAS or other airlines in KLIA, I think in terms of convenience,we will definitely choose the airport that is nearer to us as nowadays we are really in money rich time poor trend.


  • Rosli

    Buat Tony,

    Minta maaf, saya menulis dalam bahasa Malaysia.

    Tujuan nampaknya baik tapi maaf saya langsung tak setuju. Adalah lebih baik dan lebih munasabah untuk membesar dan menambahbaik terminal sedia ada. Walau apa pun alasan tuan, bahawa MAHB tidak dapat memenuhi keperluan tuan, bukankah itu yang tuan minta pada kira-kira 8 tahun dulu. Adakah MAHB gagal memberi apa yang tuan minta? Adalah tidak adil untuk menyalahkan orang lain, dalam kes ini MAHB, semata-mata tuan tidak dapat memenuhi matlamat perniagaan tuan. Tuan yang buat jangkaan keperluan penumpang dan kapalterbang yang digunakan, bukan MAHB, mereka hanya membina dan beroperasi seperti yang tuan minta. Adakah adil MAHB yang tuan persalahkan?

    Saya kira tuan adalah seorang ahli perniagaan yang tak pernah puas dengan apa yang tuan dapat. Memberi semula kepada MAS operasi penerbangan di Sabah dan Sarawak selepas tuan dapati ianya tidak menguntungkan, dan peliknya kerajaan bersetuju. Jika saya pun dapat segala yang saya minta dari kerajaan, saya rasa saya boleh buat lebih baik dari tuan.

    Kesimpulannya, saya langsung tidak menyokong pembinaan terminal baru ini kerana terlalu banyak agenda yang tersembunyi. Contohnya, kalau nak dibina laluan baru, siapa yang akan menanggung kos. Akhirnya kami rakyat yang merana semata-mata untuk memenuhi keghairahan perniagaan tuan. Maaf, bagi saya tuan terlalu amat mementingkan diri. Cubalah jadi rakyat yang punya semangat patriotik, bukan semata-mata jadi usahawan yang menghalalkan segala cara asalkan tujuannya tercapai. Untuk kebaikan semua, Airasia, MAHB dan rakyat Malaysia, cubalah jadi rakyat yang tahu bahawa orang lain juga ada kepentingan, ada hak dan ada kekangan. Bukan kehendak kita sahaja dan peduli apa dengan orang lain. Cadangan saya masih ada ruang perbincangan yang sangat besar dengan MAHB jika tuan benar-benar jujur untuk bersama-sama memajukan negara tercinta ini.

  • Jamal Sharif

    Air Asia = Blue Ocean = Practical Solution

    Come on Air Asia .. I know I can’t count on you .. esp on this Labu fiasco..

  • Hong Beng

    Great job Tony & AA Team…!!! Air Asia truly needs their very own airport instead of letting Malaysia Airport Holdings Bhd grasp at the neck.

    This is a competitive and the survival of the fittest world. They are certain group of Malaysians will go all the way with green-eyed and hits AA below the belt instead of shaping up themselves and compete. Time waits no one. The efficient and the strong one will be victorious and Air Asia will be the one.

    Keep it up with the good work. Can’t wait to see more success stories from Air Asia. You are simply inspirational..!!!

  • Syed Mahathir

    Dear TF, AA and fellow Malaysians,

    As we all know a lot of development in Malaysia was not given much technical studies, in depth research in the past. And some of these ‘hasty’ developments in the past have cause huge losses, not only in term of money, but also lives and resources and waste.

    We have to be sustainable, for the need of our future generation. I am sharing with you views from a friend doing research on airports sustainability, in Europe.

    Yes, airport do helps the economic of the country. It will provide job opportunity, business etc. However, the cost of airport infrastructure is very high, for airlines, if the business doesn’t go well, the airlines can just close the company and sell off or lease out the aircraft, and disappear within a day.

    However, once we have used the land (especially agricultural land is a very scarce resource in the world today)… especially building runways, terminal…it is difficult to turn it back to fertile land.

    If there is no existing airport in Malaysia to support or to be LCCT airport, therefore it would be necessary to carry out a study on fulfilling this need. However, there are a number of under utilised domestics’ airport in Malaysia which can be used to accommodate this need at the moment.

    For example Melaka Airport has been upgraded and almost completed to received new aircraft types such as Airbus A320 and B737; it was expanded based on the requirement by the growth of low cost carriers. What would happened to Melaka, it is not been fully utilized, and the land that been used. It would be better to have an electric train link from KL to Melaka. Does not only benefit the passenger to the airport but enhance Malaysia public transport system.

    Subang for example is still there, been turn into General aviation park. Fine we still have Sg Besi now the military base.

    How about Ipoh, it is now abandoned, it would be useful to continue with the project of high speed train. This connects the northern town to KL and converts Ipoh for LCCT…

    Everyone who lives in Europe know traveling by train within an hour or two is not a problem. And it is the most convenient, cleaner mode of transportation.

    Not against anyone in Malaysia and especially AA which I am a frequent user as well. I quote a paper written by Deutsche bank research Eric Heyman “expansion of regional airports: Misallocation of resources” November 18 2005.

    He concludes that for the case of Germany

    The planned expansion of most regional airports in Germany is a waste of scarce public funds that are urgently needed for other infrastructure projects. Only a few regional airports can be operated economically. Most of them offer no potential to ease the congestion at larger airports, do not have critical mass, cannibalize one another they are often dependent on a single low-cost carrier. The regional airports that are upgraded into commercial airports are mainly prestige objects for regional leaders. The expansion of unprofitable, publicly financed regional airports leads to capital destruction, occasional subsidization of LCCs by the German taxpayer and competitive distortions to the detriment of traditional airlines and larger airports financed entirely or partially by the private sector.

    Finally, the construction or expansion of regional airports is unnecessary from a transport-policy standpoint since Germany already has enough airports and only a few of them are struggling with capacity bottlenecks. We submit that it is more important to eliminate the existing constraints at frequently used airports.

    The reasons for the misguided development are regional-policy interests and inefficient allocation mechanisms in public budgets. Sensible economic governance can help redress these ills. For one thing, shifting responsibility for decision-making to the federal level will overcome the risk of egotistic considerations at the regional level. For another, privatization will solve the efficiency problems. If new investments are privately financed and existing infrastructure privately operated, the focus will zero in on the prospects of an airport being a business success. Above all, possible losses would not land in the taxpayer’s lap.

    This is Germany, a country far more advance and have higher GDP from Malaysia.

    Everyone who live in UK knows, how the British are still not being able to open new runway at Heathrow …the one of the most busiest airport in the world…and a few others like Schiphol…in fact the government imposed ‘eco-tax’ to try to reduce growth, noise and emission.

    There are many other literatures conducted by university, government and industries from all over the world but in summary,

    Airports infrastructure investment is expansive. And for its development it needs land.

    But airport need airlines to make it profitable to get back its return of investment…

    And airlines need passengers to make its profit…

    I agree Air Asia is bringing the economy to Malaysia and a lot of people benefits from it including me. It has brilliant marketing strategy, but if it is truly a “Rakyat airlines” it should also care about the future rakyat…

    Please think about the ecological foot print, nature resources cannot be replaced, land, forest, water, energy, fuel etc… we have to be wise and sensible to preserve it.

    Please make wise decision. Not based on profit, anger, revenge or politics but professional decision. As some of the views here mention, there always ways to negotiate and come to a “win-win” situation.

    Nothing is to urgent that it cannot be done wisely …

  • Shaan

    Dear Mr. Fernandes
    I admire you from the day first. At time I fellt asleep on magazine or papers while reading articals about you and Airasia. If you have access to the records through my account, you will know how much and how often did I flew Airasia. The journey to LCCT is tiering and would be worst to KLIA East.
    I believe you Airasia needs and deserves a good & permanent home but please, find a Link house or even a condo in Slangor instead of a bungalow in Seramban.
    I was reading “Labu Airport Again comments in Dr. Mahathir’s Blog and read some comments, many people don’t want KLIA-East.
    Thank you