Everytime I fly from Jakarta to Batam or Bali or Surabaya, always using AirAsia. But then to go back home to my hometown Makassar in 2006, I wasn’t able to use AirAsia service anymore since there was no AirAsia flight in Makassar. At that time, I always said “If only AirAsia operate in Makassar” and guess what… after 2 years of my expectation, finally AirAsia make my wish come true 🙂 really great! wonder how they know my wish.

I’m really happy that AirAsia had opened the destination from Makassar direct to Kuala Lumpur coz it’s save our money and time as we don’t need to transit to Jakarta nor Surabaya anymore to fly to Kuala Lumpur. Now everybody from our city can fly abroad easily.



  1. I heard Makassar is a wonderful city. Need to try to go there. Thanks.

  2. Makassar is a great place to visit.This is where the hard working and enterprising Bugis people come from.Friendly people,big shopping centres,good food and spices(especially ikan bakar!). My domestic helper and some plantation workers are from Makassar. It is a big relief for them and me too ever since AirAsia started its direct flight to Makassar. Not only can they fly direct but at a fraction of a price too. Much cheaper to fly from KL to Makassar by AirAsia then from Jakarta or Surabaya to Makassar by their low cost carriers!! Keep up the good work. Another potential market is a direct flight from Tawau to Makassar.

  3. If you go to makasar you should try these tradistional foods such as Es Palu Butung,Es Pisang Ijo,Sop Konro and Coto Makasar, jalang kote.those will make you come back to Makasar or Ujung pandang!i guarantee that!

  4. Mohamed Roslan Reply

    Sounds good to me but from Tawau maybe next year ………..ask AirAsia when TAWAU could rush to MAKASSAR

  5. Ahsan Imaduddin Reply

    I’m agreed with “anonymous”.. its save a lot your time..I’m faced problem transit in Jakarta which is not user friendly airport. Btw, its hard to book online for their local low cost airlines.. we have to wait almost 5-6 hours to get the flight…3 weeks ago, I’m sent my parent to visit my mum’s father at Makassar.. Honestly, with AirAsia efford to provide direct flight from Kuala Lumpur which before years ago serviced by MAS (really expensive as the ticket almost RM2K one-way at that time)… Specially, my mum was really happy to meet her siblings and relative which was before beyond her imagination as the budget constraint… only that if AirAsia could reschedule the flight with better suitable time, specially return flight Makassar-Kuala Lumpur reach LCCT already midnight… and who know, you could add the flight frequency.. Keep it UP!!!

  6. Yes, potential market is a direct flight from Tawau to Makassar,or Kota Kinabalu to Makassar

  7. I’m really appreciate the effort make by Airasia by making Makassar one of thier flight destination, it will certainly benefited the both country but most certainly to the people who really dying for this service. I’m really owed to Airasia big time as I managed to bring my relative early of this year. 10q Airasia.

  8. Indrawati Reply

    Agreed with Mr. Ahsan, hope that airasia can consider the better time schedule as we arrive in the midnight that means we have to pay one night stay in the hotel without going anywhere as it’s already midnight.

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