Firstly, thank you to all of those who read our first blog post, and a special thanks to those who made comments on Facebook. We truly appreciate your support so far!

So, after the big packing day yesterday we are sitting here waiting for Tuesday to come around. Time is passing as slowly as it did waiting for Christmas to come around when we were kids. Thought we might give you an update on how we have spent the weekend so far.

Abbie got her camera out and started snapping away on all things that could possibly be packed to come along for the 10 day Lanka Challenge adventure.

Here is why it was so hard to pick the shoes. FYI – we managed to negotiate it down to four pairs each in the end, but it was hard.

When I told Abbie over 1,000 people had seen our blog post (and it has increased massively since) on AirAsia’s blog she could not believe it. She was all smiles when she logged on to check for herself.

Once finished we headed down to the newly opened restaurant Glass, at Marina Mirage, for a few glasses of sparkling wine in the sun. This is such a great spot, overlooking the beautiful yachts in the marina. The weekend farmers markets at Marina Mirage are not to be missed. We are lucky to have this available to us just on our doorstep. Get on the next plane to the Gold Coast and check it out for yourself.

The evening was spent googling ‘basic rickshaw mechanics’, organising our MP3s with the best upbeat rickshaw music around – we will let you know if our choice proved successful. Rumour has it you cannot hear much over the rickshaw engine.

Tuesday morning we set off and even if it is an early start we are really excited to experience the fully refurbished Gold Coast Airport first hand. We have heard some great things and cannot wait to check in and sit down in the terminal with a good cup of coffee. What better way to take in the exciting ambience airports exude prior to boarding our 1st AirAsia X flight headed for KL en route to Sri Lanka.

The real countdown has begun – 36 hours until take off! You will hear from us again once we touch down in KL, and we will give you an insight into the Premium Seats cabin – These Gypsy Queens travel in style thanks to AirAsia.

Over and out for now

AirAsia Gypsy Queens

PS – Happy Merdeka Holiday to all our friends in Malaysia


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