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04 February 2011

AirAsia gives Students the Opportunity to see the World, Affordably

By Joseph

As a university student who has emigrated from the U.K to Perth, AirAsia has been instrumental in allowing me the possibility of visiting friends and family on the other side of the world, without having to work for 377475 hours to pay for it. I am extremely grateful for the company who have allowed access to travel for millions who may not have been able to afford it otherwise; who have made the world accessible and has definitely made some dreams reality, including mine.

For my 21st birthday last year I was lucky enough to take my girlfriend out of the country for a long weekend away in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, which was her first time out of Australia and the best experience of my life to date. We took four hassle-free flights with AirAsia , unlike some Taxi’s in Kuala Lumpur which were more than a bit hair raising! It was honestly the perfect birthday, and an amazing feeling to be able to afford to take my girlfriend on an adventure like that.

I am heading back to England in June courtesy of the fantastic AirAsia, and absolutely can not wait until I get to see my friends and family who I would not have seen for two years since I was last able to visit. I also hope to bring my girlfriend to England for the first time to enjoy the delights that this little island in the sea has to offer; she is busy saving up money now as unfortunately as cheap as AirAsia is, I still can’t afford to pay for her as well! (as much as I would love to :( ). Still, fingers crossed she will book her flights soon before they sell out and I get to show her the place I will probably always call home.