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23 December 2012

AirAsia Geeks’ Winter Wonderland Challenge!

AirAsia Social Media team

By AirAsia Social Media team

Who says IT folk only sit at their desks writing code (or fixing www.airasia.com)? The geeky folk at AirAsia are a different bunch!

And by different, we mean going all out at their departmental Christmas challenge! This Christmas marks the first inaugural ICT Christmas Challenge, where each table team had to outdo each other to decorate their tables, chairs, ceiling & every other conceivable surface with festive Christmas items!

(P/s: If you followed our Instagram, you would have spotted the differences within the last 48 hours of the contest duration!)

A total of 10 teams in ICT department participated in the contest consisting of Service Desk team, Network & Server team, Business Monitoring team, Business Solutions team, Development team, Enterprise Solutions team, Strategic Comms team, Project Managers team, Team Leads team and Data & Analytics team!

The teams were given three weeks to decorate their work stations and boy, they had a blast! The teams surprised even themselves with the lights, glitter, home-made reindeer and recycled gingerbread houses that transformed the otherwise ‘normal’ IT department into a winter wonderland. The teams also came dressed up in santa outfits, some armed with guitars for carols and there was even a Thomas-The-Tank-Engine driven Santa to boot!

The teams were judged yesterday by the panel of judges consist of our AirAsia Malaysia CEO Aireen Omar, Group Head of ICT Lau Kin Choy, AirAsia Malaysia Head of ICT Chia Yong Wei, Group Head of Quality & Risk Assurance Terri Chin, and James Rhee.

It was quite a tough decision but two teams were selected as the first and second runner-up and an unexpected result were two teams were also selected as the losing teams which comes with a punishment!

From top: The winner team, the runner-up team and the losing teams who will be performing Gangnam style dance!

Lau was quoted as saying, ‘Most people think that the typical IT department is boring, we’re just like everyone else at AirAsia, and we’re bringing sexy back to IT :D’
The winner and runner-up teams walked away with cash prizes, and the two tied losing teams will be performing Gangnam Style at the annual ICT dinner in January 2013.

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AirAsia Social Media Team