I’ve been flying with AirAsia for as long as I can remember. So for a change, I flew with a Malaysian premier airline for the first time in August. But guess what, all I can say is, AirAsia’s inflight nasi lemakand roti jala are so delicious that nothing the premium airline can compare. There were times that I took AirAsia flight just to eat AirAsia’s nasi lemak. Some people think that I am crazy but I tell you guys….AirAsia’s NASI LEMAK, IS THE BEST NASI LEMAK. You can call me bias but AirAsia’s nasi lemak gravy tastes really nice while the one on the other airline tastes sour.


  • Siew Lai

    While I agree with Mohd Yusuf on the quality of AirAsia’s Nasi Lemak but sadly the nasi lemak i had during my flight back to KL from Gold Coast was the most horrible ever. AirAsia should do something about it. The Sambal was like tomato onion relish. Sour and tasteless. Cooked by Aussies i supposed?

  • Shaku

    Indeed the Nasi Lemak offered from Gold Coast to Kuala Lumpur are prepared by Australian Caterers.
    Unfortunately, no one makes them as well as “Pak Nasser”:)! This is largely due to preparation styles and spices out of Australia. Meanwhile, try the BBQ Chicken and Pasta dish next time. They are flavourful and the BBQ Chicken in particular has a bit of a ‘kick’ to it. By the way, what would think would be great for on board dining?

    Shaku Kandan
    In-Flight Services

  • G. Sumitra

    Here are some hot meal suggestions for flights out of Australia:
    1. lamb (australian preparation style)
    2. chicken and mushroom fusili
    3. fish and chips
    4. moussaka
    5. lamb/chicken lasagne
    6. pizzas (sourced from frozen pizza manufacturers, perhaps?)

    Additionally, more choices of instant noodle flavours would be great!

  • Siew Lai

    Shaku, thanks for your reply. I have booked my ticket to Melbourne and paid for Malaysian meals. Can we change to Western if I decide not to have nasi lemak on my returning flight to KL?

  • Lee

    I have never try AAX before. Going to, on this October return from Hanzhou. But this i my experience when ever I travel for holiday or Business with AA , especially coming back from oversea, The first feeling when step in to AA aircraft I fell like I’m back to Malaysia, the feeling like home ….. I don’t know how to describe .

    The first thing we miss is when we on-board is Chili, it must be hot hot hot , santan smell ,muuuuuuue.

    I hope AA should consider Malaysia Meals (like Nasi Lemak) should bring in on board from LCCT before flying to Melbourne to bring back our Malaysian. Hahahah.