Dear all guests,

We have received comments that some of our guests have been confused on entering the “Blog Youw Way to Taipei” competition. Apologies on our oversight.

Comments submitted are actually not entries. We will run you through the steps of entering this competition and do drop us a note at if you have further queries.

Step 1: You must either have an or sign up for one at the login box on the main page. Click on the link to create a membership if you do not have one.

Step 2: Once you have logged in the login box on the right, click on the tab “Write a Blog Post”.

Step 3: Submit your entry title “I wanna go to Taipei because….”. Tell us about your dream holiday and what do you plan to do in Taipei if you could go.

Step 4: Feel free to make your post as interesting as possible by adding pictures by clicking on the tab “Insert Image” at the bottom beside the “Submit” tab or also include video links as you see fit. Click “Submit” once you’re done. You are now one step closer to finding your way to Taipei.

We wish you the best and see you in Taipei. Start blogging away!


  1. Carene Yam Fee Reply

    i followed your instructions but my blog post has been pending approval since last this a system glitch?

  2. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Hi all,

    There is no system glitch. The pending post is because only winning entries will be published. We have received numerous entries and we would appreciate it if all could be patient while we shift through the entries. Thanks and we look forward to more of your posts. This is all about you.

    On a side note, to all guests who are writing in Chinese characters, you can paste the characters from a MS word document and it will appear fine.

    Have a nice day and continue to blog your way to Taipei!

  3. Hi, AirAsia Blog Team.

    I’ve posted an entry for the blogging competition yesterday afternoon. but there is still no latest update for the competition for the time of being right? does it means that I’ve failed? so sad. I’ve waited for so long, keep refreshing the page, but it always end up with disappointment.

    I WANTTTT to join them to pursue my dream…..

  4. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Hi Chin,

    Do be patient. We have not selected any winners yet as it is still early in the competition period. We will announce a winner possibly once a week. You can continue to send in your entries if you want to and wait. Thanks.

  5. alright. means I still stand a chance to be shortlisted right. thanks so much. I’ll wait, patiently. 🙂

  6. No wonder I kept seeing “pending approval” status.. fingers crossed.. and when will the winners selection be held?

  7. Carene Yam Fee Reply

    I read somewhere that a winner will be selected every week.For 3 pairs of free tickets, that’s a lot of entries to shift through!

    Goodluck to the panel of judges!:)

  8. Low,

    Lol.nice chair eh?But its doing no good.If i do it your way,it would create a link rather than an image on my post..sigh.Thanks for your suggestion anyway pal.

    Kong sun,

    Thanks,good luck to you too! By the way,i’m already trying to post this for the third time..but to no avail either.Wonder what is wrong with it..

    Anyone else here know how to deal with it? Please lend me a hand.

  9. I believed most of our blog posts never got reviewed, much less read. If you see “pending approval” thats because the judges or whoever is behind the team doesn’t bother to look into your blog post. Meaning that you don’t stand any chance to win any peanut at all!

    So now go and buy your own tickets to Taiwan because you are not going to win any tickets at all!

  10. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    This is not true as pending approval is a normal status for all posts that have not been published. We read each Taiwan post entry as we feel that each entry is worth a shot at winning. Your post status will only show published, not published or pending. It is pending as it is in consideration of a chance. We hope for all your understanding in this matter that we treat each entry seriously.

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