An AirAsia baby suit bought in the sky. Seems like a baby who work in AirAsia.
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BABY : Nice or not my suit ? Of course nice because I’m wearing it,kekekekek.

BABY : Don’t look at me , look at my back!

BABY : Harrrr , remember go surf

BABY : That’s all for today , AirAsia go go go!


  • Dominic

    Dear Samuel,

    Of course it is nice! My whole family have AirAsia merchandises, from t-shirts to caps. I bought one rompers from AirAsia X for my newborn as well, but she is a little too small for it, and should be wearing it during her full moon :)

    Thanks for the support mate!

    Best Regards,

  • Hooi Har

    So cute wei~~! ^^

  • Kan

    Very cute baby with typical Chinese Malaysian face ^_^

  • Dominic

    Very cute! Just noticed – one side with socks, the other without – reminds me of Punky Brewster in a way :) How old is he?

  • Samuel

    At first I didnt notice the socks as well,haha. He is 5 months ++ old. Got one “pimple” there,kekeke.

  • Siew Choo

    That’s a nice baby suit. Red is attractive and I like the huge white clouds at the back! Baby is also adorable ;o)

  • Ai Leng

    Ooi! They sell Air Asia baby rompers? Never flew w AAX, so didn’t know. Got sell at the Airport?

    Not shown on9, where can I get it? This AA fan wants to make her baby an AA baby also!

  • Faizal

    Hi Samuel,

    What an extremely adorable baby~! You must be a very proud father=)

    Great to hear the positive feedback we’re getting from our cherished customers=)Thank you for your support. Makes our jobs here in the Merchandising dept more fulfilling..hehe;p If any of you were to have any fresh ideas on potential merchandise, please feel free to voice out..i’m open to suggetions=)

    Hi Ai Leng,

    Just wanna let u know that we are currently selling kids apparels on both our aircrafts and kiosk in lcct.


  • It Hui

    Chubby baby with cutie romper…what a nice match!!hehe..

  • Amy

    cute baby, sam!
    but well, i personally have to agree…
    those merchandise on board!!
    gosh!! they are sooo cute!!
    me myself, my 1st priority is to get the cute baby-t for my lil princess!!
    now that i’ve seen the rompers!!! hhmmmm, should i be getting all preggers again just to own ’em?? hahahahaaaa…

    great job AA!!

  • Amirah Kausar

    reminds me of my baby …