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01 July 2010

AirAsia Allstars Bola Nite


By Yvonne

On the Friday, 25th June 2010, Allstars football fans had a wonderful gathering at Skewers, Subang Jaya to watch Brazil vs Portugal LIVE on a big screen. Honestly, the game was quite disappointing (draw 0 – 0) and our only consolation was the great food and cool ambiance.

Against the traffic coming all the way from LCCT, 51 of us managed to come on time to enjoy the food and the game (and for some; beer). The food was plentiful and tasted really good. I am quite particular when it comes to food and was impressed by how much thought Skewers put into preparing each dish. What really captured my attention was that Skewers did not compromise their food quality by mass cooking the food. This was proven when we asked for the food to be served fast, the owner (Ken) actually told me nicely that the food will be served once it properly prepared. So no reheated food here, all fresh from the pit.
The first course consisted of Mash Potatoes, Salads and Penne Pasta. Here, I would like to highlight one particular dish that most of us loved the most; the Mash Potatoes. It just melts in your mouth and the most interesting part is that, they mixed it with the skin as well. I am no gourmet cook, but I simply loved the taste.

Bahig and Firdaus from Ramp department enjoying the penne pasta

Our second course was a platter full with mutton and chicken on skewers, chicken wings and fried buttered prawn. The serving looked small, but once you start eating it, it was quite filling as it was made from good meat parts (not all fat and weird looking meat). Our favorite was the prawn and everybody was fighting to get their share. The prawns were fresh and for it to be cooked tempura style, it was to dieee for.

platter full with mouthwatering meat!

the best prawn ever!

When the game started at 10:00pm, the football fans eyes were glued to the screen and for the so-so football fans like me, we were happy to just continue eating and occasionally cheering or booing when the others did so.

Overall it was a great night out with our colleagues who were from various the department in AirAsia. It was crazy, fun, noisy as hell and definitely a night to be remembered.

Happy campers! caught on camera; Masino & Frank from Customer Care dpt and June, Villon, Gus, Ravi from IT department and one hardcore Brazil fan; Rebecca from GSD.

Mimi Phua and Nikki Cheung happily banging the ballons provided by Skewers

intense moment!

For more information on Skewers, check out their page on facebook www.facebook.com/skewersmalaysia.