To my surprised when I board a plane last Saturday 18.10.2008 on my trip to Singapore, I was so surprised and happy because I had an opportunity to fly with AirAsia’s AT&T Williams F1 plane. Why I feel so surprised ?

I still can remember when I was invited by Citibank AirAsia Credit Card to attend a ceremony of the arriving of new Airbus A320 with the collaborating of AirAsia with AT&T Williams F1.

I was wondering when I would have the chance to take this AirAsia’s AT&T Williams F1 flight one day ? It appears that on 18th October 2008 I have the chance to board the plane. A trip to Singapore with the flight number – AK 123. The flight attendant appears to be shy when I took the photo of her.

It was nice when I was invited to attend their launching ceremony. The ceremony is to unveiled the world’s first commercial A320 aircraft with a Formula One team livery. The unveiling of the aircraft, whose livery is an exact look-alike of the AT&T Williams racing car, was held to coincide with the Malaysian Grand Prix which starts on 21 March 2008 and to mark AirAsia’s extended three year partnership with the AT&T Williams Formula One team.

The plane was name after * Sir Frank Williams *. The event was held on 20th March 2008 at LCCT tarmac Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Not only I have an opportunity to take the photo with the new plane but I also have an opportunity to take a photo with the AirAsia’s AT&T Williams Formula One simulator Race Car and a photo session with AT&T Williams F1 drivers.

How nice standing beside Nico Rosberg………..


  • Riki

    It’s my lucky day too! Both Williams’ drivers has signed my baseball cap.

  • Maria

    Me too, took photo with Nico Rosberg, snapped it myself with my handphone!!

  • Ngiik Kok

    Wow! Wish i was there!

  • Mohd Razlie

    this AFW the fastest acft taxing in KLIA.. believe me!!