Hello Asia! Goodbye Europe for my holidays.

Like many the yearly visit to mainland Europe for the seasonal beach holiday was normal, however this year with the British Pound so weak again the Euro we looked further away from home.

With the past years credit crunch everyone is looking to cut costs and get more for your money. Air Asia’s timing of the the direct service from London Stansted to Kuala Lumpur KLCC couldn’t be better. After working out how much a family holiday would cost in Europe compared to the cost of a flight to Malaysia there was no competition.

The flight was excellent on a new plane with great staff and great service for a budget price.

We decided not to stay in KL but head straight for an island on the east coast Malaysia. We found a little known island called Pulau Sibu (Sibu island) from a blog and after checking the place out with reviews from tripadvisor and rough guide we booked a 10 day stay at Sibu Island Cabanas.

The scuba diving on offer at Sibu Island is excellent. The dives are from small speed boats to sites no body seems to dive at all; as the reefs are in perfect condition with little to no bleaching. Both myself and my son were able to pass our PADI open water certifications at the hotel / dive centre. While my wife enjoyed some quiet time with a good book on the beach.

It’s easy to forget what you really want in a holiday! Forget about the minibar, TVs and mobile phones. All you really want is somewhere to relax as well as to have fun with family and friends.

So if you want to really get away from it all if you live in London or Singapore; KL or Perth remember what it is you really want from a beach holiday and look abit further away from the usual and you’ll find exactly what your looking for.



  1. I believed all those good things written are for the previous AirAsia. Now the new tagline is :-
    ” Either Delayed Or Cancelled ” – experienced one cancellation recently in Medan 9th August, waited for 4 hrs at the airport n you’re totally on your own !
    Today received a message saying my macau flight on 28thAugust cancelled and change to 29th 0630 ! AirAsia today is more interested in booking fees, opening new routes …more greedy etc and do not care about customers anymore. What about our plans, hotel bookings, work arrangement etc ? If you don’t have what it got to fulfill your promise, do not go into business and take me on a ride. Dear Tony, as CEO I hope you practise what you preached.
    Thank you and take care.
    khoo boo soon

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