Note from Blog Team:On the eve of the weekend before the 35 get their opportunity to live their dreams, we’ve actually held this post back for this exact moment. To remind all of you that you have not earned it yet and that the road ahead is still long and hard. Treasure the opportunity that you have been given. To make up excuses to Surendran is a waste and an insult to his effort. All we can say is that we salute those who have dared to dream and are willing to make it happen. Good luck all the skies are calling!

Dear Air Asia blog team,

I’m Surendran Nicholas. I am also one of those bloggers who did not make it to the 35 selected list. I have to admit that I am VERY much saddened by this news. However, I wish to thank the team for instigating the urge and determination to pursue in my dream of becoming a pilot.

I stated in my blog previously that I tried for MAS but was rejected at the final interview without providing me a reason. Well, the truth is, that MAS was not my only choice. I also tried for SIA, but due to their economic situation, was declined. I tried in Air Asia 2 years back but got rejected in the first test. It was a written examination basically, science, English and maths. I do not know why I couldn’t qualify as I got A2 for physics, add maths, A1 for maths and English. I continued to send in applications for MAS and Air Asia but was not even called or selected. Where did my resume fall to? Slipped off or went missing in transit? Still then, I didn’t give up, I went to private institutions, if I could manage to do the license privately. Its just to expensive. I tried to go to Australia, that was not possible either. I tried finding for sponsors, logically, who would?! I tried seeking political help, but to no avail.

That was it, my last nerve wrecked, and I could not go on. So I stopped seeking and continued as a banker.
For two years I had almost given up all my hope and dream of becoming a pilot. I left it……
…but THIS blog contest, and all these bloggers have rekindled the spirit in me again. I had lost hope but was reborn again. Reading all the posts of how much they want to be pilots have encouraged me to keep on trying. The passion, the determinations of everyone brought me to realization.

My dad was more effected than I was, because he knew how much I wanted to be a pilot. So we made a major decision that’s gonna change the life of my whole family. My dad decided to sell our house, get a rental and send me to get a pilot license privately. Its gonna cost, but its worth it. So I have quit my job in the bank and will be enrolling soon. I just can’t take my chances by waiting anymore as my age is catching up.
With regards to this, I wanna thank each and every1 of you individually, because I read most of your blags and it inspired me. Thanks yo Air Asia team as well. To all who did not make it, try your very best till you know that that’s your last drop of sweat, before you decide to give up.

Finally, I know that the competition is over, but I most humble request for the blogteam, to post my entry and all those you still think is good, since you said it was a tough choice. Its not for another chance, but to post it gradually, not only to appreciate their efforts, but it may be an inspiration to many as it did to me, personally. Also as a token of gratitude that these people have taken the effort to send in their post to the best of their ability and creativity.


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  • Frank

    Hi! Surendran,

    Rejections are stepping stones to success. Look at your situation from a positive perspective as you are really lucky to have your family behind you all the way towards seeing you becoming a pilot.

    We are constantly motivated by these words. BELIEVE THE UNBELIEVABLE; DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE; AND NEVER TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. These inspiring words by Tony himself has lead us to what we have become today – The World`s Best.

    So Surendran start with BELIEVE; and wishing to see you become an AirAsian just like us.

  • Mohd Muhaimin


    I never knew you, but you should hear this carefully..

    If you really wanna be a pilot, try as hard as you can.. Even not with this competition.. I hope you’ll chase your cockpit seat.. the left one..

    don’t lose hope.. lose some money but not hope.. you lose hope, you lose yourself..

    bear in mind my word.. someday you’ll bump into me and i will see your chin high ahead because your cap is a pilot cap.. and we’ll be laughing (maybe cry, when we talk about this post).. be passionate.. your fate is in your hands..

  • Kung Yung

    Hey Surendran,

    I admire your determination. I’m also pursing my pilot course privately. Should you need any help on information and tips, please don’t hesitate.

    All the best!


  • Mohammad Rijal

    Hey there. Surendran, i really admire the lengths you’d go to in order to chase your dreams. Truly, if nothing else, this is a lesson in determination, perseverance and faith.

    Truly, an inspiration to all of us to strive no matter how hard the path you chose gets. Hats off to you! And, all the best ^^

  • Rahamat Tulla

    have faith destiny will show u d way :)

  • Jong

    All the best to you, Surendran….

  • Surendran

    Guys…I’m really overwhelmed by your comments. I did not actually think that this blog would be posted. Thanx guys 4 ur support n 4 giving me the courage to move on than to dwell in the past….cheers.