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06 January 2009

AirAsia Goes Virtual

By Captain

Now Everyone Can Fly, it’s AirAsia slogan. But now it has new slogan i think, NOW EVERYONE CAN BE AN AIRASIA PILOT. Why this slogan? Well, you can also fly with the AirAsia fleet using the Microsoft Flight Simulator. Ranging from Boeing 737 to Airbus A320 and AirAsia X Airbus A330, there are many livery that you can choose. The virtual manufacturer, Overland, Project Airbus, iFDG and many more has the fleet, payware or freeware. That makes me a AirAsia Virtual Pilot (Not AirAsia real pilot – Hope that AirAsia will make the their own virtual airlines soon like other airlines) and I love to fly with AirAsia, real and virtually.

These are my AirAsia Fleet On Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

AirAsia A320 night landing at Miri (WBGR) piloted by yours truly

This is ‘Captain’ Yukken signing off.

  • Din Effendi

    Interesting stuff..how much does it cost to purchase the software?

  • Captain

    For Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: Century of Flight software it cost you about RM72

    For the fleet, you can simply download it from http://www.flightsim.com freeware or payware version.

  • Muhammad Azlan

    Hi..nice landing…You should try WilcoPub Airbus Series Volume 1…The fly-by-wire is ultra realistic! :)

  • Captain

    thx a lot! btw, WilcoPub is the payware one n i dun hv credit card to purchased it! so i used iFDG Airbus fleet!

  • Mohd Firdaus

    Hi…u can download many freeware and payware FS9 in malay simmer forum.just log on malaysimmer.14.forumer.com.
    it’s easy, sign up n post your comment and idea….try explore…if u wanna more realistic flying join FSX multiplayer… join me fly at penang with ATC….more realistic…see u there…

  • Kho

    We are playing here captain


  • Hussairi

    anyone FS pilot can tell me what is pitot heat function?

  • Kong Sun

    Hey captain, wondering whether can u send me the file for the flight sim you have for AirAsia wan? plus the Airbus plane?