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15 June 2011

Adventures in Hanmer Springs : AirAsia X Ultimate NZ Action Hero Day 2

AirAsia Social Media team

By AirAsia Social Media team

Kia ora again from the beautiful Terrace Downs, Canterbury! It is currently 12:40 a.m. local time in New Zealand!

Although it is a little late but am very excited to share with you guys about our day 2 adventures in New Zealand! Today both of the teams – Team Kairiri & Team Kaitaki were engaged in different types of challenges and boy, they have so much fun! Read on to find out what were the challenges!

Challenge 1 : The Lazy River at the The Spa, Hanmer Springs

Early in the morning, both teams were told to wear their swimsuits. That was the only information provided to them which of course, got them anxious about their challenge. Some of them even wondered if it have something to do about running in the cold weather with just their swimsuits! Hahaha!

And we got them even more confused when we head over to The Spa, Hanmer Springs. They were a bit relaxed, thinking they are going to do SPA treatment and they were wrong! They were asked to changed into their swimsuits and just wear the bathrobe provided by the lovely and friendly staffs at The Spa.

Then we brought them out to the outdoor and present them “The Lazy River” challenge!

The Lazy River challenge is anything but lazy! Because the special pool have strong currents which allows people to leisurely drift around the edge of the freshwater pool – but both Team Kaitaki & Team Kairiri need to go against the current!

The first pair to go up against each other were Franly from Team Kairiri & Uzair from Team Kaitaki – both of them were using their entire energy to battle against the strong currents – and of course, with the supports of their team members! Both were really close to each other that makes their team members’ heart beats faster, screaming out loud “Faster! Faster! FASTER!”

Winner for the first round? Franly from Team Kairiri!

Next up, was Budiey from Team Kaitaki vs James from Team Kairiri! Both team leaders plunged themselves to the challenge and to everyone’s surprise – Budiey was ahead of James! And the chase got heated up when they were reaching for the assigned finish line and Budiey won just seconds ahead of James!

So Team Kairiri 1 : Team Kaitaki 1. Tied!

Third pair to go against each other were the “Big Ones” as termed by Thenly from Team Kairiri. It was a battle between Thenly & Zaid from Team Kaitaki. And to much of our surprise – Thenly was leading way far ahead of Zaid which leads to his victory and secured another point for Team Kairiri!

And the last pair to go, I would say it is the cutest pair! It is between Auntie Zara (the eldest participant of the teams) and Vincent (the youngest participant of the teams). So I am sure everyone would thought Vincent will win easily but guess what, he was beaten hands down by Auntie Zara!!!

Clockwise from top left: Franly & Uzair, Budiey & James, Thenly & Zaid and Auntie Zara & Vincent.

So, what I was warned previously that “if you judge by age, then you are in for a surprise!” – is true – Auntie Zara gave all of us a big surprise with her bubbly, competitive spirits!

Both teams were treated to lovely thermal pool dipping experience after the tiring challenge and they have so much fun. And to their delight, the management of The Spa threw in extra surprise for them by opening the Superbowl Ride.

And boy, all of them have so much fun!!! *Even I was tempted to jump into the pool with them!*

We bid goodbye to the lovely The Spa and head on to ThrillSeekers Adventures where they have a hand on shooting claybirds – yup, their second challenge was the Claybird Shooting!

Challenge 2 : Claybird Shooting

Each team were given 2 chances to shoot the claybird for each round and the teams that scored the highest wins and as most of you have already know – Team Kairiri won with 9 hits out of the 16 targets.

Can you guess who was the best shooter in both teams? Answers below:

It is Uzair from Team Kaitaki & James from Team Kairiri (James was the best shooter, zero miss!)

So from Thrillseekers Adventures, we went on a road journey which took about 3-hours to Methven and our destination was Terrace Downs in Canterbury! It is such a lovely place and we received first class hospitality from Roger who is in-charge of us.

It also snowed a little bit which got everyone excited and they can’t sleep because they wanted to wait if it will snow more but we sent them off to bed early because….. tomorrow, the teams will be put up for a BIG challenge which were specially arranged by Terrace Downs!

I can’t spilled out what has been arranged, so if you want to find out then you must follow Team Kairiri & Team Kaitaki ‘s Twitter ! Don’t missed out our @AirAsia ‘s LIVE tweets too! Also, stand a chance to win our daily Twitter challenge too!

Good night!

p/s: Which team are you rooting for? 😀 Read about Day 1 here!