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22 October 2010

AA100M How Air Asia Saved my Retirement

By Robert

“What will you do all day while I’m working?” my wife asked me several years ago as we were preparing to leave the U.S. for Malaysia where she would teach, and I would continue my retirement.

“Well, now I’ll have time to write my book, no more excuses, I guess.”

“Good! That should keep you busy while I’m teaching those third graders.”

And it did…for 18 months I worked on my autobiography. Every day I would put in at least 8 hours of writing on the computer, and after struggling through 25 rewrites I finally finished it, had it published, and sent copies to my family and friends. Ah! At last. A lot of effort but worth all the hard work. My family and friends agreed.

Now what? What was I going to do with all my free time?

“Why don’t you travel during the week while I’m at work?” my wife suggested one day.

“I’d love to, but it’s too expensive”

“What about this Air Asia we’ve been reading about in the paper? I think their fares are cheap, and they seem to be flying all over Asia.”

“Hmmmm….” I thought. My wife is a smart cookie. This could be just what I’m looking for.

So I took my wife’s suggestion and went online to AirAsia.com.

That was 2 and 1/2 years ago…

I just returned from Hanoi, Vietnam. It was 15th trip on Air Asia since my wife made that suggestion. During that time I’ve been to Bangkok, Bandung, Hong Kong, Macau, Labuan, Ho Chi Min City, Ching Mai, Jakarta, and 7 other places,

And what a grand time I’ve had! Flying Air Asia is an absolute delight. Not once in 15 trips have I been disappointed in the flight, the crew, the food, or the service. And I shouldn’t brag, but sometimes I have gotten such good deals on the air fare that I’m almost embarrassed to tell people. When you have flexibility, you can sometimes find incredible prices.

I see museums, have good meals, walk fascinating streets, meet people, and try to absorb the culture—all from Monday to Thursday. My wife doesn’t miss me because she’s working, and besides, we’re on email every day while I’m gone.

Incidentally, When she’s on vacation we fly Air Asia together. So far we’ve been to Kochin, Brisbane, Bali, and Shanghai.

Has Air Asia made my life better? You bet it has. I love to travel, and I can travel all over SE Asia on an excellent airline …for very reasonable prices.

Hard to beat that.

Thank you, Air Asia!