My friends from Singapore and I (from Hong Kong) planned a trip to Banda Aceh. We were taking different AirAsia flights to KLon Dec 14 and supposed to catch the 4pm flight to Banda Aceh on the same day.

At 2:45pm the plane touched down LCCT. After I got off the plane, the weather suddenly changed. I heard thunder storm while I was collecting my baggage. I started to worry for my Singapore friends as they should arrive 5 minutes later.

I collected my bags and went to the departure hall which was just next to the arrival hall. However, the check-in counter was about to close. I was very worried and I called my friends. They were caught in the thunder storm. Though their plane had arrived but they were not allowed to get off due to safety reason. I waited for another 30 minutes. The check-in counter has been closed. So I went to the service counter No. 58.

When I got there, there are some other passengers queuing up for help. I was scared that my friends and I would miss the flight to Banda Aceh, so I shouted loudly, ‘Excuse me, I have an urgent situation here. Is the flight to Banda Aceh departed already?’ Then a kind gentlemen immediately checked and he asked me to wait patiently.

It was by luck that the flight to Banda Aceh was also delayed due to bad weather. This kind gentlemen politely asked for my passport and help me to check in. After I told him I still got friends struck in the plane, he asked for their names and he promise to help as long as the gate is not closed. I was so thankful for his kind, helpful & friendly attitude.

Finally my friends showed up after an hour and we all checked in successfully. We really appreciate the help and friendliness of this gentlemen. What’s more? He gave us an unforgettable beginning of our journey!

Once again we thank for help of this gentlemen. His name is NORMI SHAHRIL.

We will take AirAsia flight in future again.


  • Meng

    AirAsia crew are very helpful


  • Muqaddis

    Well indeed despite the chaotic atmosphere at LCCT, things are improving each day from delay to other elements which made AirAsia the airline of the year. Bravo! Viva la AirAsia!