Some things in life are free. As a dance music fanatic myself, it was always a dream to attend one of the many global dance festivals like Dance Valley, Ibiza, White Sensation, Coachella. And so when Global Sound Masters put on an online contest in on their website from April Fools day (1st April) to the 5th April, I didn’t hesitate to participate at all.

All it took was just to answer one questionnaire and the grand prize was a free ticket to one of the world’s biggest music festival Trance Energy Australia (Melbourne),one return flight courtesy of Air Asia & 2 nights accommodation at the Holiday Inn.

How big was this event?! Big would be an understatement. With a line-up of world renowned dance music acts like Judge Jules, BT, Sander van Doorn, Richard Durand, 5 stages, music from 12pm till 11pm,it was expected to be a HUGE event.

On the 5th of April, almost midnight, when I received a call from one of the organizers. He informed that I had won the grand prize and I was well on my way to party at Trance Energy at Melbourne in a week, I couldn’t believe my ears and it almost sounded surreal. So after a week’s preparation, I finally met up with the organizers of Global Sound in LCCT.

Meeting The Organizers at LCCT

We were then on our way to Melbourne, Australia! We boarded the Airasia flight and from the experience I had I would give it a 5 star satisfaction. The stewardess were friendly and uber nice and the flight was comfortable (was also because we had our fair share of laughs with each other).

Had A Smooth Flight on AirAsia X !!

After 9 hours, we finally made it to Melbourne at 11pm local time. As it was already midnight when we checked out of the airport, we went to a mini mart nearby and indulged ourselves with toasty sandwiches, pies and chocolates. After having our late night dinner we then went over to our hotel, checked in, settled down and prepare our body & soul for the next day’s event.

The next morning we were up by 9am, had ourselves some fueled-up buffet breakfast, put on our dancing shoes and were well ready to party for the next 11 hours. Weather was 13 degrees just superb for an outdoor festival. Imagine you jump jump hop hop sway sway, and you dont feel a drop of sweat.

A Quick Snapshot Infront Of Holiday Inn, Melbourne

The event was at Calder Park, about 30 minutes from the hotel. According to Wikipedia, Calder Park Raceway is a motor racing circuit in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, operated by Australian Motorsport Club Limited. The complex includes a drag strip, a road circuit with several possible configurations, and the “Thunderdome”, a high-speed banked oval equipped to race either clockwise (for right-hand-drive cars) or anti-clockwise (for left-hand-drive cars such as NASCAR). Dozens of famous motor racing events held annually including Australian NASCAR Championship, Australian National Drag Championships & Australian Grand Prix!

Inside Calder Park at Trance Energy Australia

Upon arrival, we then proceed to check in at the media entrance and were greeted by two blonde-shells. After some introduction, photo taking and contact exchange we were given our premium tags, entry tags & VIP tags. YES, we were able to mingle with the Artist, take pictures like groupies, do interviews, etc. It was only 2pm and you could already see a huge crowd brewing and it will get bigger as the day falls.

One of The Biggest Moments in Life, A Photo with Sander Van Doorn, ranked #13 on DJ MAG Top 100 Chart

Everyone was dressed-up for the festival, literally. It was like some spansy-fancy dress party without getting stereotyped. That’s the difference between there and back home. The layout of the place was well-planned having housed about 18,000 heads that it didn’t even seem too crowded. With music thumping’ non stop, people dancing or just having fun, it was indeed a blast.Each act was given an hour for their set so you could get a mix variety of different sounds at each hour.

Huge Festival Crowd Infront of Main Arena

Getting to rub shoulders & picture taking with the top international acts, meeting new faces from different races, all in all it was an awesome wonderful and memorable trip for me. All these wouldn’t have happened without the hard-working organizers’ and courtesy of AirAsia and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, now Everyone Can Fly!!