You know, when I suggested to my course mates that we visit the AirAsia Academy for our class trip, the opinions I got weren’t positive. They were telling me that, “it is very difficult to get approval to visit the Academy.” I never like to give up before actually trying, so I told them, “Let me try first. Give me a week.”

Not knowing who to contact, I thought, who is better to contact then the man who own the place? So, next thing I did was to email Dato’ Tony Fernandes to inquire about the visit and got the reply the very next day. Barely a week later, the Academy has agreed to host us. I thought, “Man, this was not difficult at all!” Dealing with them about the dates and all was also hassle free. In fact, everything got done via emails. Ah, pleasures of technology. :)

We were welcome by Ms Safina Alfian (who’s really nice btw!) upon the arrival at the Academy. The place is not exactly very impressive from the first look – you know, it’s not very big, shiny-sparkly-classy and all that, but the cozy yet very professional architecture made up for it. You can actually felt the warmth and togetherness of everyone working and training in the building just by being inside. It’s an unexplainable positive vibe that I find no adjective to describe. You just have to be there.

The first stop was the simulator bay – also the place that gave me the highest endorphin rush! Growing up, I was not like any other kids who had many ambitions. I only had ONE – to be a pilot. However, I (had to) bid goodbye to this little childhood ambition of mine when I was in form four, where I realized other than Additional Mathematics, I was not interested in any of the other Science subjects. I hated Physics! That being said, I still really, really love airport, airline and planes!

Being inside the simulator gave me a quick flash back of how much I wanted to be a pilot. It made me think for a while as to whether my decision of foregoing my ambition was the right decision. In case you’re wondering, Yes, i do think I made the right choice at the moment. :) We were only given the chance to visit the simulator, and not really trying (even though my lecturer did try with the take offs and landing!) and I wish I have the opportunity to go back there to experience the real flying – to really “fly somewhere” with the simulator. Hehe. (Is there any pilot reading this? Remember this face ok? I wanna sit in the cockpit – of the real plane! :P)

After spending quite a bit of time in the simulator bay, Mr. Liew (who’s our tour guide for the day) then guided us to the many classrooms that they use for trainings in the Academy. One thing I clearly recalled was along the way, Mr Liew kept mentioning, “See how thorough our trainings are?” Of course, this is the perfect answer for the skeptics who always question about the credibility of their pilots, engineers, cabin crews and staffs. For me, I flew with AirAsia frequent enough to trust their pilot and engineers. Cabin crews were always very friendly and accommodating. The service from the ground staff could be better but having said that, I never had major issues with them as well. Flight delays? Yes, a couple of my flights got delayed, but I love airports so a few minutes of extra waiting is perfectly fine for me.

There were 31 of us in total visiting the Academy and at the end of the day, we all perceived different views about the place. However, there is one thing that we unanimously agreed upon. That is, we could see how passionate and happy these people are working for AirAsia just by judging from the way Ms Safina and Mr Liew speak and believe in the brand. It is not the, “I’m obliged to say good things about AirAsia because I work for them,” kind of thing. It does seem very genuine.

For me, I find it very inspiring because one of my ultimate goals in life is to work for AirAsia. And no, I’m not saying this just because I had visited the Academy. This came solely from an article I read in AirAsia’s in-flight magazine two years back. I can’t remember the title of the article but I knew there and then that if there is one company that I could choose to work for, it’s AirAsia.

In fact, three days after the visit, I was back again in one of their office in PJ, meeting people of the same positive vibe , but for a very different reason. I went for an internship interview. To be completely honest, I think I did quite bad in the interview (Yes, I still can’t forgive myself and very depress about it! =[ ) but I am keeping my fingers crossed that I made it through.

… And, hopefully one day, I’ll be a part of the “All Stars”. Hopefully!

Many thanks to Ms Brenda Marshall, Ms Safina Alfian and Mr Liew Kang Hwa for making this possible for me and my course mates!


  • Kung Yung

    Hi Melanie,

    I didn’t do physics, and hated maths too! But I’m almost done with my pilot training. It’s not too late.


  • Melanie

    Hi Kung Yung (Bert),

    Pilot was a childhood ambition of mine, and I’ve already bid farewell to it. As of now, I am contented with my decision and Yes, I am doing something I love.

    Good luck in completing your pilot training! 😉

  • Manochvarma

    Can you please send the address of Air Asia Academy?

  • Ahmad Azamiruddin

    Sometimes you must love what you hate the most, and sometimes you must hate what you love the most…

    Me, i love physics, i love math, i’ve scored A in both subjects during my SPM, and above all things, i love to be a pilot…
    guess what, the thing i love the most, my family hate the most…being a pilot…

    Pilot as a career is everyone’s dream, it is the most important things in life, isn’t it?
    Yes, true, but family is beyond top priority. without family, you’re nobody in this world.

    I have to hate job as a pilot, because my family hate it, why? because i love my family…

  • Melanie

    Manochvarma :

    AirAsia Academy
    AirAsia Berhad
    Lot PT25B, Jalan KLIA S5,
    Southern Support Zone, KLIA
    64000 Sepang, Selangor Darul Ehsan

    Ahmad Azamiruddin : Sometimes in life we don’t get everything we want. But hey, I’m sure you have a great family. :)

  • Weng Hooi

    I agreed with you, Melanie. Life is like that. Sometimes we don’t get everything that we want. The more that you want, the more it will become distant from you. Well, I personally wanted to become a pilot so much and . I just can pray hard and wait for the opportunity to come and hopefully this year I can realise my dream. 😉

  • Melanie

    Hi Weng Hooi,

    It’s true, the more we want something, the more distant it is to us. I just had a taste of situation like this!

    Anyway, good luck in fulfilling your dream as a pilot. Do remember my face and invite me to the cockpit if you see me on board when you’re already a pilot. 😉

  • Weng Hooi

    Sure.I will only remember pretty girl face..;p haha…Anyway, I’m joking..Wish you good luck in whatever you are undertaking now. Take care! (“,)

  • Muhamad

    hye everyone…
    who can guide me how to apply to this air asia cadet pilot?
    i really want to be a pilot..
    help me..=(
    but,i just get 4a’s 3b’s and 2c’s
    i get 3b+ in fizik,engglish and additional mathematics..can i pass the minimum required??

  • Mohd Saiful Nizam

    hmm.can i know how to enter this academy coz i am very interested to be a pilot

  • Paul

    I suggest the academy teach some basic customer service… like refunding customers on a timely basis and contacting them on a timely basis after canceling their flight.

  • Ganesh

    Hi Mis.Kung Yung im Ganesh here. I wold like to apply for pilot training in air asia academy. but i couldnt found onlne application. can u pls guide me how could i find the application form. i found from ur comment that ur didnt sit for ur physics subject and ur going to finish ur pilot training. in my situation, i took that subject but i didnt have credit for it. so have i got any chances to apply for pilot training. kindly advise.pls and tkz.

  • Kelly

    Hi Melanie,

    That is a wonderful story. I am a student like you and I was wondering of how does one get in touch with Dato Tony Fernandes? I would like to inquire about a summer internship with Air Asia.

    Many thanks!

    Kelly Lee
    UC Berkeley

  • Yap

    i juz take my SPM result, thn I have a dream to become a pilot but my family was against it because Families can not afford the high cost of pilot course.i was very dissapoited. so izit Air asia hv any scholarship or any program to let me read the pilot to provide courses? hope can get
    a reply as soon as possible . Tq
    Lawrence Yap