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16 November 2009

A special dinner


By Safina

As intructors, we are normally tied up with our daily classes; be it classroom sessions or the practical activities which you could see some of us in the swimming pool (showing our 6 packs and sexy bods) or jumping off the ‘slide’ in trying to motivate the trainees to have jump (even if we ourselves are nervous about it). Well as a diver, I would prefer jumping into the pool then the slide which is about 13 feet high!

But last Friday, we were involved in a different activity. Lead by the Head of Academy, we organised a special Deepavali dinner for the representatives from BEAT. The Barrier-Free Environment and Accessible Transport Group or famously known as BEAT, are represented by 16 NGO bodies which, its main purpose is to promote and support accessibility of public transport for the disable people in Malaysia. BEAT has been working closely together with us; providing trainers for the Disability Equality Training subject which is one of the subjects in our Flight Attendants and Guest Services training syllabus .

Representatives of BEAT , to name a few, the United Vision, YMCA Deaf Club, Malaysian Association of the Blind (MAB), Damai Disabled Persons Organisation attended the dinner and I could say that all of us had lots of fun spending time together. We managed to communicate well and shared some experiences and jokes through out the dinner. Some of us (especially myself) learned quite a lot of new sign languages from the ladies who were representing the YMCA Deaf Club.

We look forward to having more activities like this in the future.

Some of the pics taken during the dinner…