Me and my wife travelled to Bali for the first time recently. This is not our first time flying AirAsia and we had lots of bad experiences with our prior AirAsia flights, mostly flight delays.

Our flight to Bali (AK900) scheduled to depart at 10.55am, I told my wife we would be lucky if we can takeoff by 11.30am. With our express boarding passes, we managed to board the plane by 10.05am. Being the ‘kiasu’ ones, we got the front row, of course! To our utmost surprise, the lovely stewardess announced ‘arm and lock all door…’ at 10.20am!!! We landed at Denpasar 28 minutes ahead of schedule! We wanted to applaud the crew when the lovely stewardess announce it over the p.a. system.

After enjoying our ‘HOT’ holidays in Bali, is time for us to fly back. AirAsia surprises yet another time, our flight AK901 arrived at LCCT 25 minutes ahead of schedule!

This is truly the most memorable AirAsia experience we ever had, perhaps, luck got something to do with it. However, looking at the statistic at AirAsia website 90% on time and our personal experiences, I must give credit to AirAsia for a job well done! Maybe they should also put another statistic for early departure!?

On a lighter note, when we boarded our plane from LCCT, a fly followed us in and stay onboard to annoy my wife for the whole 3 hours journey! My wife tried to ‘get rid’ of it but failed, I then turn to her and told her ‘dear… now really… everyone can fly!’

Keep up the good work!


  • Ng

    I have this experience too on a flight to SUB, leave it alone and it will go to sleep and wake up upon reaching destination.
    Anyway how come AirAsia could let a illegal and non-fare paying passenger on board? LOL!

  • Phoek

    nice writing, anyhow why don’t you write your experiences in Bali ?

    btw, did you ask the fly: did the fly get the promo fare? hehe…just kidding :)

  • Wong

    It is great that Airasia is expanding to more destinations, with India in the cards.
    It would be happier day if Airasia flies Kuching-Bali and Kota Kinabalu Bali 2-3 times a week. the service had been stopped recently and made tarvels to Bali much more difficult for people in east Malaysia.

    Flying 2 – 3 times a week allows people to go on short holidays. The load factor will slowly pick-up and then maybe Airasia can increase the frequency after that.

  • Mohd Irwan

    anyway, thanks to airasia for adding DPS-JHB-DPS. perhaps can we have daily flights?