Food. So interesting and intriguing a noun that it gave birth to food hunting and the emergence of culinary “experts”.

I was out with my colleagues for another culinary adventure (also known as lunch in some parts) where we were busily snapping shots of the meals and ourselves posing of course. When my dismal chicken chop rice arrived, one of my colleagues asked me how would I rate it to which I promptly replied,”3 stars out of 5!”. We all had a good laugh but yes, that’s how pampered we have become in these times of “recession”.

3 out of 5 stars

After finishing my meal to the last rice, they further poked me questioning if all the meal deserved was a 3, how did I manage to finish it to the last bite; was it simply pure hunger (mine arrived last) or maybe I should have given it more stars. It actually was the thought of my dad, a staunch Buddhist who would simply be p*$sed off if he ever caught me. To me, therein lies the value of a meal/food.

The best meals are not those that cost the most cash or even an arm and a leg. The best meals are discovered in the company of those that matter to you. Be it a grilled fish caught with your dad, a meal going back home or simply snack attack on your next AirAsia holiday with your family having a darn good time, is it really the taste?

Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak

Whatever the reason, I’m having one of Pak Nasser’s nasi lemak on my next flight simply for kicks and we’ll see if I finish it to the last bite. As for those food enthusiasts/critics thinking,“Yeah, What about price?”, well, we’ll leave that as another story for another time. Just to note, today we settled for 4 ‘charcoals’ and 3 ‘jerks’, to which we again cam-whored to. Enjoy.

‘Jerk’ BBQ Chicken

‘Charcoal’ BBQ Chicken


  • Muqaddis

    Well actually the taste is not bad, meaning to say that a normal ‘Malaysian’ would be able to eat it without much difficuties. My only comment is the ‘quantity’ of the meal which is rather inadequate though 2nd helping would indeed solve the problem. Anyway, one must be reasonable to understand that when you’re 30,000 feet above the ground, we must accept it gracefully.

  • Almond

    I usually fell asleep the moment I’m on a plane. Will try to stay awake for a 30,000 feet above ground meal next time.
    so you settled for a charcoal or a jerk?

  • Muqaddis

    Well almondstar, I am able to settle for both, most probably an add-on on top to test my system. The main thing is the so-called cleanliness and ability to digest without additional problem.

  • Derek

    Have to agree with Muqaddis that sometimes the environment encourages enjoying your meal better. Its mostly how comfortable you are that makes a good meal a better one.