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31 December 2008

2009 is here but where the *&^% did 2008 go?

AirAsia Social Media team

By AirAsia Social Media team

Its yet again the end of another year and the fireworks are just around the corner. New Year resolutions not met will be carried forward to next year and the world seems to be heading into a tough year ahead. Just like that, we’ve moved on for another year and the AirAsia blog, Just Plane Thoughts is definitely looking forward to a new year ahead.

New Year Celebration = Lots of Fireworks

2008 has been good because we were born and many events happened, Obama will be the next president, and petrol price is down. On the ugly side, the economy is looking to be treading into rough waters, chicken rice still cost more and there are endless predictions of the impoending recession ahead. Well, alls well as we continue our countdown into 2009, at least we still have each other.

We pretty much ended up doing this most of the time in 2008.

So much to look forward to and so much to fear. Perhaps, that is whats making the year ahead so intriguing. Through the few months we existed in 2008, we have had our share of laughs, smiles, pulling of hairs and shouting with each post and comment. We would like to invite you, the main stars of the show, the readers, bloggers, contributors and most importantly, friends, to share your thoughts on both waving 2008 goodbye and 2009 to come. Thank you for the experience and apologies on our part for any misgivings along the way in 2008.

We hope to keep you entertained in 2009 without making ourselves look too silly and we hope you will continue to talk to us and keep us alive and happening in 2009! So without more words, heres to a momentous year for all, escepecially all readers of Just Plane Thoughts!