Ok, this is a through story, not through la, TRUE, adui, I’m SORRY… Anyway, I want to share one of my memorable experience I experienced, during my journey in the flight back to MALAYSIA from INDIA.. Roughly, I took AirAsia from an airport called TIRUCHIRAPALLI from India, which i don’t even know how to spell it correctly. The flight depart at aroung 9.40 a.m in the morning, but for Malaysian time tambah 2 jam setengah yer, we’re ahead of them OKAY…Lets begin the STORY, zass….

Well, 4 ur info, that car is call ambassador, INDIAN national car. I took this car to the airport… kerete ni besar giler, quite antic and the body of the car is really hard… I took this car to the airport right after my UBUH prayer, at aroung 6.30 o’clock at that time.. COP.. that guy is me, kot la kalo ade x knal….

Yeay. it’s time to lay my butt down on the plane. That’s me, carry my IBU’s beg, yes.. that the job of a son. Meringankan tulang ibu tersayang.. Now is 9.30, it’s tyme to take off ang get the hell out of this world to the sky..

TIDO??? that is the last thing i’m gonna do inside the plane, common la, you all pay that much and juzz sleep the whole journey inside the plane??? I say man, duduk atas simen lagi bagus..

This is the flight menu… My dad made a prebook of nasi briyani, so, we got 20% discount, but if u all buy it on the spot, u all don’t get discount la, haha.. better book by internet la.. Plus, the briyani is not so nice la, hot is hot but, better don’t buy la,,, berlapar is wiser choice.. AND.. the price is like asking for slap u know, mintak penyepak, mineral water itselt is RM4…. pikir la sendiri nabil yer..

Pejalanan masih mude… kite teruskan penerbangan… zaas…

Oops, we got AIRASIA magazine.. Good!! after I finish my prebook briyani, I had wonderfull time reading the magazine.. Ye la, the mag did entertain me.. I also read Goosebumps, choose your scare version… When i was selak2 mukesurat that magazine I saw…….

SUDOKU, ngah2… quite cool ha.. I did it all by myself… Impress?? Ok ok, 2 me it’s kinda cool… I did it myself.. And the proof is…. My signiture there… What else i did ha? I almost forgot la…

What’s this? ya.. this is what we call toilet… Aktually i’m starting to feel quite boring at that time.. I’m not gonna sleep, dargh… TAHAN2… Now, I am in the toilet, and 4 all yang x pernah tgk tandas air asia, ni lah die… kecik jer pun, langgar awan, bergegar plane nie… Yeah, pic tyme…!!!Cool ha…

Perjalan maseh jauh.. mayb lagi 2 jam sampai la M’sia….

Yes.. I continue reading.. Reading is good, everyone knows it… At the same time I was listening to the MP4 my brother from India lend it to me.. While I was reading, the pramugari and pramugare buat jualan, that time, I bought an air asia bag, black in colour juzz for the souvenir… it’s like in the mag….written everyone can fly… LAME…

Yeah, the stewardess, always like angel… Their smile, their service… PERFECT, especially for my eye.. haha.. I bought those air asia bags from them la..How’s them? any commments?

Pejam celik pejam celik, lorr… dah nak sampai rupenyer.. I made it.. x tido pun… bwat ni bwat 2… Ish2….

At last.. pijak gak bumi…. 4 jam flight…. the pilot had made a gud job, especially the stewardess… impressing me with their beautiness and sexiness,, ahaks!!Ok that’s all, Alhamdulillah sampai gak kat M’sia… anyway… do comments k, critics also can..


  1. try the nasi lemak instead! some says its the best food serves in the air!!

  2. haha.
    nasi lemak not-so-tempting la.
    sambal always dissapointing.

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